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HOBOSEXUAL Sunset Adieu b/w Monsterbater 7
HOBOSEXUAL Sunset Adieu b/w Monsterbater 7

HOBOSEXUAL Sunset Adieu b/w Monsterbater 7" VINYL

HockeyTalkter Records is proud to release two brand new 7-inch singles from two veteran bands in the Seattle music scene. The Purrs have been churning out catchy feel-good-meets-gloomy psych-rock for nearly 18 years, while Hobosexual have been rocking Seattle with 70's inspired arena-rock metal anthems since early 2010. Both bands epitomize the hard working nature of artists making music for sake of making music.

McCready says, "I love supporting local music and these two releases are from bands I've heard and appreciate, and have seen live in Seattle several times. I hope you appreciate the diverse sounds that Seattle has to offer."

"On the flip side, I appreciate Hobosexual's edge and their love of Ozzy, Zeppelin and KISS. But upon listening, it's clear they have a love of (my) contemporaries like Soundgarden."

Excited by the release, Hobosexual writes, "We're incredibly grateful and humbled in regard to Mr. McCready and Hockeytalkter support. Resultant of this most-triumphant collaboration, we at camp Hobo have aptly titled this little 7-inch vinyl disc of anthemic-triple suplex-brain- exploderating-rockage, 'Tag Team Wrestling Champions.'"

These two singles kick of a unique release schedule for HockeyTalkter in 2018.

Hobosexual (limited Green Vinyl)- Sunset Adieu b/w Monsterbater