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CHICAGO 7/11/1995 VAULT #7 CD
CHICAGO 7/11/1995 VAULT #7 CD

CHICAGO 7/11/1995 VAULT #7 CD



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Disc 1
  1. Release
  2. Go
  3. Last Exit
  4. Spin The Black Circle
  5. Tremor Christ
  6. Corduroy
  7. Whipping
  8. I Got Id
  9. Dissident
  10. Even Flow
  11. Improv
  12. Deep
  13. Jeremy
  14. Glorified G

Disc 2
  1. Daughter
  2. Animal
  3. Habit
  4. Lukin
  5. Not For You
  6. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
  7. Immortality
  8. Alive
  9. Porch

Disc 3
  1. Everyday People
  2. Let My Love Open The Door
  3. Better Man
  4. Rearviewmirror
  5. Black
  6. Blood
  7. Yellow Ledbetter