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Tip-On Style Gatefold Jacket

Printed Inner Sleeve

Printed Lyric Insert

Random LPs on colored vinyl

"Time Can't Wait" 2:46
"All at Once" 3:33
"Blind" 4:10
"Through the Ceiling" 2:47
"One Special Lady" 3:26
"In the Trees" 3:26
"Into the Fire" 2:48
"Real and Imagined" 3:43
"Unnecessary" 2:59

All Songs written by Matt Cameron
(C) 2017 I'm A Seahorse Music (GMR)

Engineered by Nathan Yaccino at The Ballard Baitshop, Seattle WA and John Davis at The Bunker Studio Brooklyn, NY

Mixed by: Nathan Yaccino
All At Once
Time Can't Wait
In The Trees
Through The Ceiling

Mixed by: John Davis
One Special Lady
Into The Fire
Real And Imagined

Mastered by Scott Hull

Time Can't Wait- Mark G, drums, Matt C-voice, guitar, bass
All At Once- Mark G-drums, Matt C-guitar, voice, bass
Blind- Mark G-drums, Matt C-voice, guitar, synth, bass
Through the Ceiling- Matt C-drums, voice, guitar, piano Tim L-Bass
One Special Lady- Matt C, rhythm guitar, voice, key bass, percussion, Mark G-drums, Tim L-Electric Bass, Alain Johannes-lead guitar
In the Trees- MattC-drums, voice, rhythm guitar, bass, percussion Alain Johannes- lead guitar
Into the Fire- Mark G-drums, Matt C-Guitar, piano, synth
Real and Imagined- MarkG, drums, Matt C-guitar, synth, Voice
Unnecessary- Mark G, drums, Tim L-Bass, MattC-guitar, voice.